Queens of Coachella

Coachella started, and day one looked amazing, starting with and amazing band AC/DC and the fantastic looks from our favorite Coachella girls.
On Instagram everybody who's anybody shared their experience, my girls Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth took a photo together, I went mad to see them together, my favorite Coachella style girls.

Kate Bosworth is one of those girls that makes you instantly think about the festival, and since 2009 she hasn't miss it. Her style is easy and cool, make us envious, such simplicity looks awesome on her, starting taking notes. For some reason she had a collaboration with Topshop, making that effortless style of her available to everybody.

Rosie's style is more chic, even in a festival see can pick statement pieces to put the perfect outfit together for the festival. There's nothing more perfect than the look she wore with studded flower denim shorts and the simple white shirt open. Brilliant look!!

Let's see what this ladies will give us this year! Someday I will be there too!
xoxo, A


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